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About Dennis Harris

What You Need to Know

If you are struggling to break the cycle of where you came from, if your mindset is stuck in the pattern created during your childhood, you may need some solutions. If you are looking to break free from the things that make life feel like quick sand and you want a fresh start, you are in the right place. 

Dennis Harris, self made entrepreneur, law enforcement agent, and family man did not start out this way. He was raised in a low income, abusive home, put in multiple life threatening situations as a child into his teen years and had zero stability. He made a choice at a young age to focus on school and sports, and when old enough, to pull himself out of his given situation to create a life that was about as far from how he grew up as he could get.

He was kicked out of his home at the age of 18, and with nowhere to go he made the choice to jump on the back of a garbage truck and start earning a living for himself. It was anything but easy, he slept on the floor when he was able to afford a place to live with a friend, and worked as hard as he could to work his way up in his industry. During the early time on the trucks he worked cooking jobs at night and on weekends to make extra money. After over a decade working for someone else, he finally got the opportunity to own and operate his own fleet in a large contract and he jumped in with both feet. He was the underdog that they brought in, he was told they didn’t think he would last, but in the end, he was the last man standing. He had huge success as an owner operator and it afforded him the ability to do the things he never had growing up. He bought his first home, he bought his first brand new vehicle which was the car of his dreams, he met and married the love of his life and created a loving and stable home for their 2 boys. He broke the cycle. He also used his financial success to pursue other life long interests like flying airplanes, learning to play guitar and learning a new language. 

Throughout his career Dennis has been a Waste removal owner operator with several different contracts, previously he worked in the Coast Guard, restaurants, a mill, and construction. He is currently a law enforcement agent, fulfilling his childhood desire to help and serve his community.

He loves the outdoors, is an avid paddle boarder, trail runner, hiker and swimmer. He has run several Spartan races, earning his trifecta in 2013. He is very proficient in martial arts and self defence and has fought competitively. He is a community football coach sharing his love of the game with his sons and their teams. 

Dennis works tirelessly to improve his mindset, work through his past traumas and is passionate about helping others do the same. If you are looking for some help to break the cycle of your past, from someone who has been through it, just hit the subscribe button. 

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