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Bucket List Target Practice

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Bob Dylan wrote, ‘That long black cloud is coming down, a line that is brilliant and stays with you. Most of us in life have probably had a moment at least where it felt like that, especially with the way things have felt in the world over the last couple of years. I would like the focus to be on the positive, which is the way people have demonstrated that they are able to keep pushing through and finding some version of normal in life. I think we need to reward ourselves by doing some things we have always wanted to do and haven’t got around to it. The first time you do something exciting can be the type of experience that sticks with you and we think back on fondly.

Remember the first time you kissed someone? I can remember my first trip to Europe and seeing things like Big Ben and StoneHenge for the first time! Do you remember a trip you took with that kind of memory? How about the first time you bought a car that you wanted your whole life? How about the first time you flew a plane or surfed? I think you are getting the meaning of how amazing a first-time can be. Growing up these were all things I remembered wanting to do, then doing them, and never really putting a label on them. People refer to those amazing experiences as their ‘Bucket List’ and I think we owe ourselves some self-reward by pursuing some of those items.

I think that if we start focusing on some positive goals and new firsts it might make getting through a little easier if we have some ideas on how to reward ourselves. It’s time for some “Bucket List Target Practice” to start getting us back to feeling good, living, and pulling away from feeling any form of daily dread.

What do I mean by target practice? Think about when you go to a range or even play darts, some targets are close and easy to hit and others are further away, taking more practice and time to hit them. Now we start thinking of our “bucket list” as targets that are easy and hard to hit and we start by warming up with some close and easy targets, then check them off by getting them done. The easy targets could be a goal of finally picking up that musical instrument you bought years ago and has been collecting dust. I bet you bought with the intent of learning because you have always wanted to play an instrument and get good at it. Pick up that instrument for a few minutes a day and start playing. Promise yourself you will hit that target by making that fifteen minutes each day happen. Over time it may turn into hitting an even bigger target goal.

The hardest part of hitting any target is just doing it...if you miss the first time, just keep trying. Anybody can make fifteen minutes for themselves, and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play a couple of songs around the campfire with friends? Let’s take a look at those hard-to-hit targets like going on a big trip or taking flying lessons. Those have to be planned and the best way to do that is starting with easy targets on the way to your big goal.

If you stop by your favourite expensive coffee place each day, maybe start making it at home instead. Take that four dollars you save and put it aside in a savings account that you never touch. It’s better for your health and now you are on the way to that big trip or taking some flying lessons. Little targets give you the ability to hit the harder-to-reach ones.

I would like to hear that people already have a list started or are going to make one after reading this. I had a rough year personally and decided that I needed to do everything in my power to make sure I’m doing things in pursuit of living my best life. I bet a lot of people are feeling that way and find themselves thinking of a better day.

One of the things I promised myself I would do is make more time to just explore, stop and take time to create unique moments that have nothing to do with a career or any of the other everyday things we do. I started to think of the first time experiences I have had in my life and decided that it is time to ensure I follow through by setting aside time and sticking to it. I think we all should. After all, life should be about making memories, not regrets.

What is something you remember the first time you experienced it? When was the last time you had that feeling? Take aim and start hitting some of the targets or at least start a list and hold yourself accountable. Let me know in a comment some of the things you experienced or “Bucket List” items that you want to check off your list. I would like to make it to a couple of NFL games, see some more of Europe and learn ten new songs on guitar. Let’s do it!

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