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Reignite The Embers Of the Spirit and the Fires of the Soul Will Burn Brightly

“We are here to show those guys that are inching their way on the freeways in their metal coffins that the human spirit is still alive.” - Bodhi ( Patrick Swayze) from the original Point Break movie.

I have heard it said in many different ways that no physical injury is as bad as watching the soul be gravely affected. That a severed limb is never worse than that of a severed spirit of

someone. Watching the life of someone drain out over time or in something tragic in an instant where the soul is altered can both be horrible. I do not think you can fully sever or kill the human spirit though because our soul is far stronger than we realize sometimes.

It’s hard to remember that, if you are the person who is suffering or if you are a person who constantly challenges your soul. The two extremes are quite far apart and sometimes it is difficult to imagine either one if you are on one end of the spectrum. You may sit and reflect to think about how powerful our soul is, which is what I was doing before writing this...

I think you could equate the souls you think are done to a campfire you think you have put out, but when you poke it with a stick suddenly there is an ember that glows bright orange. If you throw a fresh piece of wood on it, chances are the fire will start again. I do not think it's ever too late to reignite our inner flame, no matter how much time has passed. If you are 90 years old with a life of regrets because of dreams you never followed through and chased with relentless passion, you are still here. It's never too late.

Pick one thing that may have once been a dream and start to visualize how you could carry it out at this point in your life. How would that look? How would you start? I wrote the importance of realizing dreams through visualization and action plans in my last article. If you know someone that seems like they are letting their soul down by not chasing a dream or two, maybe approach with some helpful encouragement. If you are someone or if there is a person you know that has experienced trauma, it may seem like their soul is wounded or even done, but that’s not true. There are people that have come through terrible things that serve as inspiration. They almost seem stronger spiritually after surviving and healing through something to make a better life.

When we are mentally tired feeling like we can't go on, or our body feels beat-up or broken there is something amazing that can happen. Our soul rises up! There are some great examples of this throughout human history, and one of my personal favorites is Terry Fox. He ran across one of the biggest countries in the world on a prosthetic leg while suffering from Cancer, to raise money for research to fight that disease. I also think of people that have fought wars witnessing and experiencing horrific things. The body is exhausted, and the mind may be shutting down, but I think our spirit keeps us pushing through.

What about the people we don't always see or hear about? The single parent with three jobs

while raising kids fighting for a better life for their children. I think their souls are putting an extra shift into helping to ensure they carry on. People every day may not be doing the things I mentioned above, but are still out there challenging their souls by leaving their comfort zones and looking for new and inspiring things. Those people seem to have a glow and you can notice the fire in their eyes when a new adventure or adversity comes their way. So what about those people that don't have a glow or a certain spark in their eye? Are they done? Are you done? I don't think so and I will tell you why. People that you see that look like life may have passed them by, probably have let their minds tell them it's too late or they can't. Some have done that over time and could be looking back with nothing but regret. I do not believe our souls are ever done. There are spiritual leaders, older people that have lived life, and people from all walks of life that would make the argument that this is just another stop on our soul's journey.

So how do we bridge the gap between people that consistently challenge their souls and the

ones that seem done? I think we keep sharing by talking, writing, and encouraging in as many productive ways as we can think of. When someone says to you, " I can't ", you say, " Yes, you can! ". When you say, "I can't ", I say, " YOU CAN". Let's poke the embers of our fires and teach others how to do the same. When all the material things have fallen by the wayside, imagine that, we still have an amazing world with a lot of souls that need to be reaching for challenges, embracing dreams to the fullest and knowing that at least once they pursued something that touched their soul and ignited that inner fire.

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