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Relax, Laugh, Breathe, Get Up and Do Something…Repeat

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I had some trouble getting motivated to do anything at all today, including writing this, but I thought I’d try to share anyway…and talk about why. Negativity, stress, sadness, it’s everywhere right now. It seems that every time we turn on the news it’s about the black cloud that’s been hanging over the world for the past few years, tossed in with a healthy dose of any other shitty news they can throw in. If you add that to whatever may be going on in your personal life like a draining job, personal loss, sick family & friends, and what seems to be a mundane routine that a bunch of us have fallen into with the hopes of feeling a little normal. All while trying to find some motivation, inspiration to still better yourself for the best life you can have. Then hope to provide those things for the people you love and care about. IT IS EXHAUSTING and I think a lot of us are feeling this way…

I went for a walk the night after it warmed up and the sidewalks were a little less icy, it was so nice out, I couldn’t resist. The simplicity of just being outside for a walk and sharing things about the day felt like just what the doctor ordered. Then it started to hit me, and I reminded myself of the importance of taking the time to do things to help the heavy melt away for a while.

There are a few things I do when feeling weighed down that help me and I hope will help you.

The first thing is to find something that really allows you to relax and escape for a while. A good book, your favorite music, a movie that helps you lose yourself, picking up your favorite instrument, anything that allows you to go away from the heavy. Then find yourself something or someone that helps you get that good, down deep laugh that we all need no matter what is going on in the world. Yes, it’s okay to have a little dark humor if it helps with the stress, make sure it is well-timed…After all what good is life if we are not stopping to enjoy it and not taking it or ourselves too seriously?

Something to relax, something or someone to create laughter and now it’s time to do something. What do I mean? Pick one exercise that gets you out moving, whether a walk, jog, hike, just hopefully something where there is fresh air involved. Remember to relax and breathe, laugh and breath, then get outside and breathe in some fresh air. A simple recipe, which I think goes a long way to helping us cope with all the things weighing us down.

I know that I have been feeling exhausted, not overwhelmed by any one thing, just the consistency of all the things building over time. The stuff that pokes at you slowly and what is starting to seem like from every direction. For those starting to feel that way I think we need to take time as individuals to have a plan to recharge. That is why I’m suggesting the above. It’s needed….Sometimes it is necessary and okay to just be.

It is not my typical blog style to make a bunch of suggestions based on personal choices, but I'm going to share a few of my favorites below.

Good Books

Ghost Rider - Travels On The Healing Road by Neil Peart.

  • a really good read about healing by putting down one passion that became a big part of the author’s life, for another that takes him on a healing journey and he shares it very well with the reader. If you are going through or have gone through any adversity you will appreciate this story because it has a little of everything about making it through those times. If you like to travel, that is a bonus because there are great depictions of places he visited.

Atomic Habits - By James Clear

  • great book about reforming habits over time for very effective results.

Good Movies

Comedy- we all need a good laugh and I suggest a classic like The Princess Bride - light-hearted laughs for the whole family, fencing, fighting Pirates, and of course True Love!

Action - whether a fan of Self Defense techniques or just like a good action movie, Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth is worth a watch.


  • If you haven’t discovered it yet, White Ladder by David Gray is relaxing, a good listen front to back.

  • If you like some visuals while relaxing with some music, search Gary Clark Jr. at the Surf Hut on youtube… sets a relaxing mood

Walking and Jogging

  • pick a safe route with some great scenery that takes your focus from the day, while getting some much-needed fresh air.

I’m always looking for a way to reset my focus by finding a good way to relax. Exercise is not just good for you physically, but great for your mental state! Even better with some fresh air…

A little break to stay in and feel like we can keep going once in a while is something we can all probably use. Life goes by in a blink, slow it down, tell people that you care about what they mean to you. Pick up the phone and call a friend just to hear their voice. When surrounded by negativity, sometimes it is hard to see that you are being affected when you are right in that daily routine. Use the recipe for downtime so you have the mental energy when you have to get going.

I hope that my thoughts and suggestions have helped and given you some ideas because I know sometimes we all feel stuck, rundown, blah, exasperated, and just plain exhausted. In those moments taking that little piece of time to enjoy the simple things can make us feel a whole lot better. Let me know if you liked any of my recommendations or share some of your own with a comment below. Please like and share this with someone you care about if it resonates with you.

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