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Time: Friend or Foe?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

“And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun” - Pink Floyd

The above is a sentence from the song Time by Pink Floyd and I used it for years to motivate and at times allowed it to haunt me. I didn’t have a lot of motivation and guidance was something that was in short supply during my upbringing. I looked to things and people outside of my surroundings for inspiration to help break the cycle of the example set by my parents. When I finally left home I felt like I was far behind everyone because I was in survival mode, rather than planning my future.

I wanted to catch up and experience everything I could, as quickly as I could while planning a much better life. I didn’t want to be at the end of ten years or a lifetime with regret and in the same miserable place as the people before me. When I slowed down the lyrics of the above-mentioned song would haunt me into the motivation of getting to the next adventure or accomplishment. I look at that positively because it kept me moving away from a life I wanted to break away from.

Some would say that the downside of that is my inability to slow down, rest or even enjoy the accomplishments I have achieved. I had someone ask me if I wanted to be just great at one thing or good at a bunch. Up to recently I would have said good at bunch because I wanted to experience more before my time has come. I am starting to reflect on how my time truly breaks down. Being great at one thing doesn’t necessarily mean only doing one thing, there is fluency in life. Things like time with your family, getting outdoors, and daily routine are all things that you should make the best of by trying to enjoy them to the fullest. The moments in between those times may be when you can spend your time finding that one thing that helps you express, explore and make your mark on what you can offer the world. Something that makes you feel good by transcending the mundane. One thing that is like the ripple effect when you throw a stone in a calm pond. Something you will remember. For me, I believe it just may be my writing…I’m getting better at narrowing in on my one thing by accepting that I don’t need to do a million things outside the fluency of life as long as I enjoy my one thing. The fluency of life complemented by your one thing is pretty great.

If you can do the above to find harmony in life, is it time well spent? Does that mean that time has been your friend? What about spending your life chasing monetary success and finding it? Money takes a lot of time to make and making a lot may become never enough if that becomes your sole purpose. Is that a life well spent?

I had a good friend say that if it seemed like time was going by fast, you are having a good life. So how do we measure that time? How do we gauge if time going by was a friend or a foe? I think about those people who try to make time stand still because it was a great period in their life or a great memory. They almost froze their mindset in that period. Springsteen wrote a song called “Glory Days” that touched on that very thing. I know people that are stuck back when they had a shot at making it to professional sports, and after a couple of drinks they are right back there…

What about the kind of people that try and make life a consistent non-stop party? Those people never seem to worry about anything other than planning the next “good time”.

So when Is time our foe? If you ask people who have lots of money in the end, they might say people who don’t have it have wasted their time. I might tell you that people who haven’t had enough adventure haven’t really lived, but now I’m trying to find the harmony of the flow and one thing. People who have accomplished a lot may say people who haven't wasted time.

I do not feel my time here has been wasted, I have enjoyed the stages that included survival, and trying to do everything because it has prepared me for and allowed me to appreciate the stage I am at now. I can reflect without dwelling for too long, appreciate accomplishments more while looking forward to what the next adventure or step may be, and have gratitude for who and what I experienced in my life.

So if you asked me if time has been a friend, I would say yes, but it has been a friend that you have to be attentive to. Fun is good, but you have to put in the work too. Success is great, but you have to take the time to appreciate what you have done, remember where you came from and allow it to guide your path.

If you asked me if time has been a foe, I would tell you that I never allowed it to be. I did recently feel that haunting urgency to do more when a close friend passed. He was not that old and I started asking myself if I was doing enough again. So I slowed down, dialed in and appreciated everything I have with gratitude. I got myself back into the flow of life. Time will become you fow if you are living a life of pain and or regret now and especially at the end. Break the cycle and ask what it would take to make time your friend, and feel fulfilled.

I believe that having done even one thing in your life that is truly memorable is the key to feeling truly happy at your core. If you have more than one, it sounds like life is pretty good, be grateful. If you don’t, what will it be? Time is a gift and it should be embraced for just that. Make your time remembered by at least one thing.

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